DEC Pro 350 Free for Shipping Cost

DEC Pro 350 Free for Shipping Cost

Post by Tom Lak » Tue, 20 May 2008 21:24:40

I have a fully operational DEC Pro 350 including monitor, keyboard,
some manuals and copies of P/OS install disks. This has 512KB RAM
two floppy drives and a 10 MB hard drive. P/OS is already loaded and
I'm including P/OS BASIC. It is heavy, however, and shipping will be
expensive. If you're interested, drop me a line and I can estimate the
cost for shipping to your location. I'd need payment by PayPal.

Tom Lake

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2. Announcing a DEC Pro 350 emulator

(the following is a repost of an article that originally
went to comp.sys.dec.micro and alt.sys.pdp11)

I would like to announce the first public release of
Xhomer, a DEC Pro 350 machine emulator, based on the
PDP-11 core from (a somewhat old version of) SIMH.

The emulator was written for Linux/XFree86 systems,
but should work with other Unix/X11 systems as well.

Xhomer is able to boot stock installations of
P/OS 3.2 and Venix (other operating systems may also
work, but have not been tested yet).

The hard disk, floppy drives, display (standard video
and extended bitmap option), floating point processor,
real-time clock, keyboard, and printer and communications
ports are all emulated.

Source and binary downloads, as well as documentation,
may be obtained from:

Feedback is welcome.

Tarik Isani

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