Running WPS-PLUS/DOS in XP DOS window

Running WPS-PLUS/DOS in XP DOS window

Post by Bill P » Fri, 14 Jan 2005 03:47:41

I have WPS-PLUS/DOS running in the DOS window of a WIN98 computer, but
am migrating to XP. Installation of original WPS-PLUS/DOS in the XP DOS
window completed successfully, but when called (typing WPS at the
C:\WPSDOS\ prompt) it failed to operate - no action, no message. Does
anyone have an idea what may be going on here with recmds to get it
working in the XP DOS window - or is that too much to ask?

How about a possible drop back: partition the drive, with the second
partition running Win98 (or DOS), installing the WPS-PLUS/DOS to that

Finally, I would drop all the above if I found a way to elegantly
convert the WPS-PLUS/DOS files to Word. All the programs I have found
that purport to do this are "readers" who are able to translate the
files, but not able retrieve the peculiar WPS-PLUS/DOS file/folder
names, which are assigned separately from the individual file. Each
document in WPS is assigned a name like "DEC034.DOC" (not the same .doc
as MS Word), then there is a separate system that links the file folder
and document name to that file. I haven't found any program that can
convert the files and carry with them their common names. If someone
knew how to do this I would migrate and be done with it.
Thanks for any advice for an old Decmate user.

Running WPS-PLUS/DOS in XP DOS window

Post by Jack Peaco » Fri, 14 Jan 2005 05:37:15

You can run a virtual machine inside Win XP by using a VM product like MS
Virtual PC or VMware. Install DOS and WPS-PLUS on it.
Jack Peacock


Running WPS-PLUS/DOS in XP DOS window

Post by Adam Pric » Fri, 14 Jan 2005 14:37:11

There is also a project called dosbox at .
It is an emulation layer designed for running old dos games under Linux or
WinXP, I've never tried it with application software, but it's free, so why
not give it a try.

Running WPS-PLUS/DOS in XP DOS window

Post by ben_myers_ » Fri, 14 Jan 2005 22:32:52

Here's another open source effort which may do the job:

"bochs" is phonetically the same as box. Those open source rascals. Always

And another, The DOS Game Emulator:

... Ben Myers

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