-=[ WANTED: Old/Used Computer and Electronics Magazines ]=-

-=[ WANTED: Old/Used Computer and Electronics Magazines ]=-

Post by Sellam Ism » Thu, 18 Sep 2003 03:27:56


Old and used computer and electronics magazines, periodicals, journals,
conference proceedings, etc. for a historic computing archive. Age is of no

Specifically looking for the following titles currently, though this is by
no means a definitive list. We are interested in ANY and ALL old or used
computer or electronics magazines.

Business Computer Systems
Business Computing
Classroom Computer Learning
Communication News
Computer Decisions
Computer Design
Computer Graphics World
Computer Merchandising
Computer Reseller News
Computer Retailing
Computer Shopper
Computer Systems News
Computer Update
Computer Weekly
Computer-Aided Engineering
Data Communications
DEC Professional
DEC User
Digital Technical Journal
EE Times
Electronic Engineering Times
Electronic Design
Electronic News
Electronic System Design Magazine
Federal Computer Week
Hewlett-Packard Journal
Micro Marketworld
Micro Report
Mini-Micro Systems
MIS Week
Network World
Office Administration and Automation
Office Computing Report
PC Magazine
PC Products
PC User
PC Week
Personal Workstation
Software News
Software Report
Software Retailing
Systems Integration
Systems & Software
S. Klein Computer Graphics Review
Seybold Report on Professional Computing
Unix Review
Unix World

Also seeking conference proceedings. Please call 925/294-5900 or e-mail
XXXX@XXXXX.COM if you would like to clear your shelves and make way for
something new :)


-=[ WANTED: Old/Used Computer and Electronics Magazines ]=-

Post by HARANGOZO » Thu, 18 Sep 2003 07:45:06

I have a few DEC Professional-s, and a few VAX Professional-s, $3 each.
Also the following books :

1. VAX Rdb/VMS Guide to using SQL AA-JM33E-TE 1991 $5
2. VMS V5.2 User's Manual AA-LA98B-TE 1989 $5
3. VMS V5.2 System Manager's M. AA-LA00B-TE 1989 $5
4. VMS V5.0 License Management U. AA-LA33A-TE 1988 $2
5. RRD42 Disc Drive Owner's Manual EK-RRD42-003 1991 $2

6. DEC C User's Guide for OVMS AA-PUNZD-TK 1995 $10

7. DEC C Run-Time Lib. Ref. M. AA-PUNED-TK 1995 $15

8. WordPerfect for VAX/VMS Systems V5.0 MNUSVWP50-3/90 1990 $15
9. VAX Fortran Vol 1. User Manual AA-D035E-TE 1988 $10
10. VAX Fortran Vol 2. Language Ref. M. AA-D034E-TE 1988 $10

11. Writing OpenVMS Alpha Device Drivers in C
Developer's Guide and Reference Manual by
Margie Sherlock & Leonard Szubowicz 750 pages 1996 $30
( As NEW, never been used ! )

12. DECthreads Guide to DECthreads AA-PV6NA-TK 1993 $5
13. DECUSERVE Australia 1993
Proceedings of the D.E.C. User Society $5
14. DECUS Software Library 1992/93 International ed. $2
15. Managing the Oracle RDB Database, course book 1994 $10

16. MicroVAX Systems Handbook 1988 about 150 pages.
Color cover, and nice, thin, quality non-shine paper

Lots of diagrams, tables, relates to MicroVAX 2000,
MicroVAX II, MicroVAX 3500/3600, VAXserver 3500/3600/3602

This is a collector's item. I am looking for $20

I am on Paypal. Thanks.
Cheers, Csaba

CSABA I. HARANGOZO |d|i|g|i|t|a|l| csabah(at)zipworld(dot)com(dot)au

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