Press Release - Design and Print Bingo Cards. Effortlessly

Press Release - Design and Print Bingo Cards. Effortlessly

Post by Monthy Rus » Fri, 24 Sep 2010 01:23:40

For Immediate Release

Contact: Monthy Rusli, XXXX@XXXXX.COM

Design and Print Bingo Cards. Effortlessly has released InstantBingoCard v. 2.2, a Windows
program that makes it simple for teachers and parents to design and
print bingo cards. InstantBingoCard turns your word lists and picture
lists into customized, powerful education tools that entertain as they

Pre-printed bingo tickets are expensive and impersonal.
InstantBingoCard delivers all of the beauty of store-bought cards,
while saving money. The software prints four cards on each sheet of
paper. In addition, you can save ink or toner by only printing the
essential elements on each card.

With InstantBingoCard, instructors can create custom bingo sheets that
match their lesson plan or activity. In addition to creating bingo
cards with custom word lists, the software lets you use your pictures
to design your cards. You can even combine words and pictures and make
3-by-3, 4-by-4, or 5-by-5 bingo tickets.

You don't have to be a graphic artist to create stunning bingo cards.
Visit and download free templates that you can
adapt for your individual needs. The website also
has a large and growing library of bingo games and activities, so
you'll never struggle to come up with fresh ideas for your students or

InstantBingoCard isn't just for teachers and parents. Day care centers
use InstantBingoCard to help young minds solve puzzles and learn.
Eldercare centers use the software to keep aging minds fresh. Churches,
camps, scouts, and other organizations use InstantBingoCard as a
refreshing way to entertain and educate audiences.

Whether you're an educator who wants to create a fun way to enhance
your students' learning experience, a parent who wants to create custom
bingo boards that will help your kids learn their homework assignments,
or a homeschooler who wants a bingo card generator that can reinforce
all of the subjects that you're teaching your children,
InstantBingoCard has the tools that you need.

InstantBingoCard v. 2.2 runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, and
costs $34.95(US). You can purchase InstantBingoCard securely online

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So i want to set up a program that generates numbers on a bingo card.
No problem, but after each card generation i want to add the page to the
print spool. and then print the lot of them.

// create PrintJob object
var my_pj:PrintJob = new PrintJob();

// display print dialog box, but only initiate the print job
// if start returns successfully.
if (my_pj.start()) {
var pagesToPrint:Number = 1;
var currentPage:Number = 1;
currentPage = currentPage + 1;
if (currentPage == pagesToPrint) {
delete my_pj; // delete object

As this stands all I see is the print dialog and the last number in the
I haven't a clue where to go from here. Is the spooler getting the pages
before the numbers generate?


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