Track King - Horse Racing

Track King - Horse Racing

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Hi all, I am a co-developer of a new browser based on-line game called
"Track King". Stable management game; buy, sell, breed and train

FREE... and you can watch the races!

Please check it out, we've been running since October 2007 and growing
stronger month by month.

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2. Daily Racing Form: Horse racing

10 aug 06 1459 hrs.
I am new to site..and to the use of Excel. I have recently started
putting information from the "Daily Racing Form" into an Excel
spreadsheet. I will use this data to work out simple and later complex
formulas for extracting desired data.
I have made cells long enough to hold each field, and there will be a
weekly entry. What I don't understand is how I will search each date
for a particular horse. It seems the formula could get lengthy.
How would I tell the program to search all the entries to a particular
"line"?, or do I just give each entry a "header" name?
Anyone with some good information and tips for this monumental task,
for getting started would be greatly appreciated.


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