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Post by bW9kcm9ja2 » Sun, 22 May 2005 04:55:30

Everytime I try to upload my website into FrontPage 2003 it comes up with
this error. Can anyone help me figure out what this means and how I can fix
it so that I can upload all the files and work on the website through
FrontPage 2003?

I am on a deadline so if someone knows let me know right away through e-mail
at: XXXX@XXXXX.COM thanks!

Server error: The URL ocs/_vti_binis invalid. It may refer to a
nonexistant file or folder, or refer to a valid file or folder that is not in
the current Web.

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2. =?Utf-8?Q?How_to_optimize_LIKE_=E2=80=99%MySearchS?= =?Utf-8?Q?tring=E2=80=99?=


I using a statement with LIKE in the WHERE clause. Searching for rows
containing a prefix (LIKE yPrefix% SQL Server seeks the index on that
column that fine. But if I want to search for a suffix (LIKE MySuffix
an Index Scan is used and takes very long. Do I have any possibility that SQL
Server does an Index Seek in case of LIKE MySuffix

How can I optimize such a query?

I also couldn find a use of FTS in this case, because CONTAINS only
provi<es a but not a term for suffixes or am I wrong?

Thank you all!

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6. =?Utf-8?Q?_Unrecognized_database_format?= =?Utf-8?Q?_=E2=80=98C: \Trading_System=E2=80=99?=

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11. =?Utf-8?Q?clear_the_=E2=80=98password_never_expire?= =?Utf-8?Q?s=E2=80=99?=

12. =?Utf-8?Q?view_the_tool_bar_of__=E2=80=98my_Inbox=E2=80=99?= =?Utf-8?Q?_web_part?=

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