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NL>E< Free Games NL>E<

Post by Jeff » Wed, 08 Mar 2006 14:38:59

This site has tons of games for fun!
Visit the arcade room for e *** ment at ! Also has plenty of
free games to enjoy! So pass it on...


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2. E<sol> and pod2html translation problem

Hi all,
I have a POD file with the following link:
podchecker complained about this ("node '$/' contains non-escaped | or
/"), so I looked at "perlpod" and read that I should use "E<sol>"
instead of a literal "/" inside an "L<...>" link.
But now, after running Pod::Html, I get HTML that has the string
"/" in it, which in the browsers I checked (checked both IE and
Firefox) showed as the string "/" and not as the character "/".

Should I go back to using "L</$/>" and ignore the podchecker warnings?
Is this a known Pod::Html bug?
Or perhaps a bug in the browsers I used?

What can I do to solve this issue (without having to dig into the
Pod::Html internals :))?

Offer Kaye

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