This is a new chat forum community website for discussion cats and kittens

This is a new chat forum community website for discussion cats and kittens

Post by Richard Br » Wed, 11 Jun 2008 10:23:15

Richard Brandstetter

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Thanks for posting up with the info on the new forums at SI.

"Do you think some subject would continue remaining for Sas-L ? "

Your question made me chuckle, and I went and visited the SI forums
for another look-see. Of course, the SI support forums can't possibly
replace the magic that is SAS-L, but we all know that's not their game

IMHO It's good to see SAS making their own alternate universe where
the 'little birdies' can visit any discussion subject and provide
their insights. As they say, it's no replacement for technical
support, but seems to be a logical intermediate step in providing
bonified SAS Institute help when those good folks have time to
dispense it.

However, I think it's a mistake for any forum to chop things up into

Some divisions make sense (EG deserves it's own SI forum), but it
seems most other topics will naturally cross-over into more than one
SAS product or technology.

Me? I like SAS-L for the volume of questions and answers, and yes, I
thrive on the chaos that is our beloved SAS-L.

- Bill McKirgan

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