G4/OSX Won't Recognise Audio CDs

G4/OSX Won't Recognise Audio CDs

Post by Nige » Sat, 06 Sep 2003 11:54:11

A couple of weeks ago my 733MHz G4 stopped recognising Audio CDs. I
just get an error message saying that I've inserted a disc containing
no volumes that OS X can read. CD-ROMs continue to mount without any
problem, so preumably the drive is OK.
I've tried upgrading from 10.2.1 to 10.2.6, but this hasn't helped. If
anyone could suggest what the problem might be, I'd be most grateful.


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Hi All,
I just upgraded my HD, Ram and Superdrive in my G4 17" flat. It
starts the OSX installation when I put the CD in the drive and I have
the ability to go in and 'partition' the drive...I have a maxtor 160 GB
dimond max...ive tried one partition, two partitions with the first
8GB, and 13 partitions with the first two Under 8GB and the remainder
split equeally...

each time i leave the disk area and go thru the installation steps,
when it asks where I want the files to go it shows the HD (all the
partitions) but they all have a red exclimation point over top...it
will not let me click them or anything...i thought i remembered the
first time it told me "unable to install to this drive" but I can not
reproduce the error...

A bit more about my computer...

The manufacturer ram slot has a 1 GB stick of Apple approved ram...the
user ram slot is empty at this time but I plan on adding my other 1 GB
stick once I know the manufacturer slot stick is working correctly
(which I assume is since it 'boots', but I dont know any other way to
check its size without installing OSX...

I replaced the superdrive with the Panasonic 108 i think...seems also
to be working properly becasue it accepts the CD and reads/starts
installation fine...

The harddrive is a 160GB Maxtor Diamond Max Plus i believe...8MB cache,
7200 so on and so fourth...

The OS i am attempting to install is 10.3 from the family pack CD...it
is legit and not pirated...

Can anyone help with this problem???


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