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I have had two PowerBooks. I hated the keyboards on both. I bought a
full size keyboard, but I notice that it skips over letters that I type,
as well, (it seems to me, they are the same ones on the PowerBook
keyboard) but not quite as badly as the PowerBook keyboard, itself. Is
it possible to buy a new keyboard by itself or is their an adjustment
besides the control panel as far as touch (I have that set as Key
Repeat-Fast and Delay Until Repeat-Short.

I'm not the best typist in the world, but I am amazed at how many caps I
miss and I know I've held the shift key down. I'm so conscious of it
that I'm making other foolish mistakes. I just went back and added t's
and e's that I know I typed, but just don't get picked up.

Keyboards on desktops and and towers have always been excellent.

If I can't replace the PowerBook keyboard, any suggestions as to a good
keyboard to buy? TIA for your help.
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Hi all,

I'm trying to set a low-level windows keyboard hook but to only filter
out keys from *one* specific connected pc keyboard (ie, I have a USB
and PS2 connected keyboard). In other words, I'm trying to do
something like this:

SetWindowsHookEx(WH_KEYBOARD_LL, &myHook, ...);

then in myHook() :

int deviceId = getCurrentRawInputDeviceId(); // or something like that
which doesn't exist

if (deviceId == X)
return CallNextHook (...);
else if (deviceId == Y)
// do my stuff (I'm actually coding a keyboard midi emulator)
return -1; // block the key (ie, windows key for example) from
reaching the window manager

Now, I've also fiddled around with the raw input API, and I can get
all the device id's, listen to all the keyboard and receive WM_INPUT
messages that tell me which key comes from which keyboard -- but the
problem is that the low-level keyboard hook is called *before* all of
the raw input API and by the time I get the WM_INPUT and can figure
out from which device came the key, it's too late to filter it out.

Is that any possible in user mode or I need some device driver code?


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