RAM for eMac -- double-sided or single?

RAM for eMac -- double-sided or single?

Post by Usher Capl » Thu, 10 Jun 2004 03:26:56

I would like to add 512 MB of memory to my eMac (G4, 1 GHz, 133 MHz)
and am unclear about whether I must use double-sided. Would
single-sided work as well?

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2. single-sided front matter, double-sided body?

I have the requirement of having the front matter of my paper being
single-sided, and the body and back matter double-sided. I am using Word

I attempted changing page formatting for the body, and selecting "apply to
this section" as well as "from this point forward". Both work for applying
changes to margin layout, but not for adding double-sided. The double-sided
layout is applied to the front matter as well.

Accepting that the front matter has to be double-sided for Word to be happy,
I then set about trying to make the front matter look like it is
single-sided. Page numbering for the front matter counts the blank back of
each page. I have attempted to declare each page as a new section, and
force pagination to apply only to that section, to no avail. The front
matter uses lower-case Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, etc.) and the body uses
Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, ...).

My next thought was that I could just hard-code the page numbers to the
pages, but I don't see any way to force the Table of Contents to reflect the
set page numbers. What is looking like my only solution is to write the
page numbers in for the front matter rather than having Word do it
automatically. Then, I edit the Table of Contents to reflect my hard-coded
page numbers. Every time I update the Table of Contents, I have to remember
to edit the entries in the Table of Contents.

I don't want to make separate documents for the front matter and body
materials, unless there is a straightforward way to have the Table of
Contents reflect the page numbering from separate documents.

Any advice will be welcome.

Rick Parker

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