Fixed Frequency Video Card for G3 Mac or PC?

Fixed Frequency Video Card for G3 Mac or PC?

Post by TB » Sat, 11 Jun 2005 03:25:54

My problem:

I have a first gen G3 beige Mac Tower and a vintage Radius 21 inch monitor
(GDM-1950) that was one of the few monitors that displays a fixed frequency
of 1152x882 @ 72hz/65kHz. Both items are almost new having been stored for
decades and work perfectly on their own and I basically got them for free.
However, the monitor won't display properly using the Mac video card
(rolling, jumbled image) and I'm sure it has to do with the kind of
specialized video card I need.

Anyone know of a manufacturer who produces a card that will work preferably
for the old G3 Mac but I'll settle for a pc style card if I can use this
beast for my pc. I've done some research on the web and found "Mirage" seems
to make several cards that might work, however their reseller,
"DisplaySonic" doesn't answer their phone or respond to emails.

I'd hate to just trash this setup.