Anyone use iRiver MP3 players on Mac?

Anyone use iRiver MP3 players on Mac?

Post by BenZIll » Mon, 02 Feb 2004 06:16:35

Hi y'all,

I just got the iRiver iHP-120 mp3 player,
what an excellent little gizmo! I've only had it a few days,
and I have only one complaint, to whit,

When I copy over files, MacOSX puts little "._name of song.mp3" files
in the directory with the actual file.

Is there a way to either not copy that file over,
or a command line sequence to remove them all,
or (best of all) a utility to build the DB file iRiver uses
(software only for Windows).

iPod are cool and all, but I love this thing. FM tuner, line in/out,
optical in/out, built in mic (good!), solid construction, etc.

If you're in the market for a mpg3 walkman, seriously check out


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Before upgrading to WMP 11 I had no problem synchronizing any of my mp3 files
with my iRiver player model 130mx with 512mb.

Now when I try and place new files on the mp3 player it completes just the
first file, hangs on the second file with a status message saying 'preparing
to synchronize' for approximately two minutes and then changes the status of
all the remaining files to be synchronized as Stopped. In the right panel of
media player it says ou can now disconnect river T30

On the mp3 player the screen says ransferring Datait will remain that
way until I remove the USB cable from the player. When I check the mp3 player
only one file is one the mp3 player.

Please, I would appreciate any support you can offer me to this problem.


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