Blue Man Group to sell Macintoshes? Intel Inside (Blue Apples)?

Blue Man Group to sell Macintoshes? Intel Inside (Blue Apples)?

Post by Floate » Thu, 08 Dec 2005 15:28:06

Is Blueman Group going to start playing on Apple- shaped drums? They'll
surely be shown on the video iPod. I can see them being highlighted on
a Mac ad for their latest release. Geez, how weird.

Steve Jobs says that the master plan for months now has been developing
software that can be easily or seamlessly modified for the PC
environment. They've been lopping iTunes software all over the Windows
PCs. I'm sure Safari, Aperture, iMovie/iDVD, and widgets can be
modified in little time to the Microsoft- type PC.

I have a Mac PowerBook G4 from 2004 and, hey look.... The release of
the Aperture software can't be used on this laptop, or lots of other
Macs (all G4 desktops and forget about the G3s, may they rest in peace)
already. We haven't even hit 2006 yet. Aperture should give Mac users a
big clue.

The software they are developing now need a mighty strong processor and
they'll need more memory and disk space to boot. So with this in mind,
how can the hardware they plan to develop be cheaper than the stuff
that's slower and more affordable already? We can think that the later
hardware will be cheaper, but they also said that CDs would be cheaper
than LPs because they cost less to produce, too? My bosses considered
buying Aperture to finish off use of Photoshop and Photo Mechanic, for
instance, but we'd have to buy much faster hardware.

With all being sad, (I misspelled said, but will leave it) I feel that
Jobs has to take the Mac hardware in a new direction, b/c businesses
are about earning these days. The modest will be consumed by the
strong, eventually. Jobs has a master plan, and I'm still willing to
wait and see what he has already mapped out.

One thing's for sure: Blue Man Group will be the true winners through
all of this.

Blue Man Group to sell Macintoshes? Intel Inside (Blue Apples)?

Post by Gregory We » Thu, 08 Dec 2005 19:08:14

In article <071220050131162132% XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,

When did Steve Jobs say that, please?

Yeah. The clue is that if you're doing mid- to upper-range image
manipulation you might like to have a video subsystem capable of
supporting it.

Your bosses didn't really look to closely at Aperture's feature set, did


Actually, businesses are - and for some time have been - about
protecting and increasing shareholder value.


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Blue Man Group to sell Macintoshes? Intel Inside (Blue Apples)?

Post by shamin » Tue, 13 Dec 2005 09:25:32

Floater < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > writes:

You ever see that Blue Man Group? Total rip-off of the Smurfs! And the
Smurfs they suck! <

-- David