G5 Airport antenna connector type

G5 Airport antenna connector type

Post by Tom Davie » Wed, 31 Dec 2003 07:38:09

Is this an MC (Lucent) connector?


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2. FWT antennas provide full gain antennas in 1/8 the volume was Help with Wifi antenna

for miniaturizing wi fi wi max or any band in the 100 MC to 10GC range,
You can use FWT antennas. FWT(Focused Wave antennas) miniaturize and
ruggedize antennas by embedding them into an engineered dielectric, when
hardened becomes and integral part of the antenna. For the real high
gain antennas, the mechanical support for the extra eleemtns is provided
by the intirinisic design of FWT antennas. Built in Balun and have
begun to integrate electronic onto he body of the fwt antenna. this
eliminates the rf connector, looses and performance degradation that
occurs right at the antenna to first stage interconnection!

Best regards,

Marc Popek


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