Keyboard recommendations

Keyboard recommendations

Post by Garner Mil » Mon, 23 Jan 2006 07:16:29

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I know not everyone does, but I like the standard $30 Apple USB
keyboard. Simple, compact, and the keyswitches are pretty decent. It
has an integral hub (2 ports), and it has the layout you're looking
for. But I'm not a heavy typist. If I were, I'd spend extra money and
get one of these, no question:

It uses the type of keyswitches that Apple *used* to use -- back when
they keyboards were around $150. They were very, very nice, and lasted
a good long time. Mine still works to this day, but modern Macs lack
the old-style ADB port that they used, so I don't use it anymore. If
I had $150 to spare, I'd get one of these right now.

Either of the two above I mentioned will meet all of your criteria.
The difference between them is the quality of the keyswitches, which is
much better on the Mathias -- but $120 more expensive.

If by "ergonomic" you mean one of those split keyboards, I can't help.

As for two keyboards I would recommend *against*:

Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Elite (Keyboard & Mouse set)
The mouse is *terrific* -- it's a Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2, and
it's one of the nicest I've used, with side-scrolling and more. I'd
buy another one in a heartbeat. The keyboard, on the other hand, is
the biggest steaming pile of garbage I've ever used. It looked like it
would be terrific, with an integrated scroll wheel on the side and
everything. In practice, it was *awful*. The keyswitches are mushy,
and the big padded area in the front made it awkward to type. It now
sits in the closet in case I destroy my current keyboard, and need a

Kensington SlimType Keyboard for Mac
I bought it to replace my Apple keyboard, on which I had spilled a cup
of coffee. (Whoops.) At the time, it was $20 less expensive than the
$59 Apple keyboard, and it looked nice in the store. It was advertised
as being quiet, as well, with laptop-style keyswitches. However, it
wasn't durable AT ALL, and the keys got "crunchy" within just a couple
of weeks, making touchtyping an exercise in futility. I took it back.

I hope that helps.

Garner R. Miller
Clifton Park, NY =USA=