moving G3 Pismo 2.5" ATA/IDE internal drive to enclosure?

moving G3 Pismo 2.5" ATA/IDE internal drive to enclosure?

Post by Bill Chris » Wed, 14 Jul 2004 07:38:57

My Pismo Powerbook G3 has died, and I'd like to use the 6 GB
IBM Travelstar ATA internal drive with one of my other

My first look inside a B&W G3 desktop machine showed that it
has a different connector than the drive from the Pismo. The
drive I'd like to move has 2 rows of 22 pins (actually, in
one row there is no pin in the 13th position). Then, there
is a gap in each row followed by 2 more pins. So, it looks

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the desktop machine, the cable connecting the IDE drives
uses a 50 pin (2 x 25) female connector.

Is there an adaptor cable for this?

Lacking an adaptor, CompUSA sold me a USB 2 drive enclosure
(SKU #306130, CompUSA brand but item doesn't show on web
site) for use with USB. The incredibly sketchy instructions
indicate that this device should work with Macintosh or
Windows machines, also should work with USB 1.1 ports at a
lower transfer rate. The enclosure accepts the drive, but
the four pins on the right (above) aren't used. Also, the
enclosure uses 2 USB cables to attach it to 2 USB ports
simultaneously. I believe the 2nd cable allows the drive to
get more power from the USB ports if needed. When I plug it
into any of my machines, the enclosure red light comes on, I
hear activity in the enclosure, but no icon shows up. Also,
System Profiler doesn't show anything more than the presence
of a (nameless) USB device.

I'd appreciate any explanations or advice on getting a
working solution.


Bill Christens-Barry

Wm A Christens-Barry, PhD
Equipoise Imaging, LLC

moving G3 Pismo 2.5" ATA/IDE internal drive to enclosure?

Post by Fetch, Rov » Wed, 14 Jul 2004 08:08:45

get a firewire 2.5 inc enclosure - put it that
cost about $50


moving G3 Pismo 2.5" ATA/IDE internal drive to enclosure?

Post by gregory tr » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 13:44:39

Correct. The G3 will use full-size ATA connectors, while the notebook
drive uses the smaller interface.

Adapters are available for $4:
< ;

Of course!

The CompUSA enclosure isn't that great; if you can return it, instead
try to buy a branded version of this SanMax enclosure:
< ;
I've had a 6GB HD from a Lombard in this case with absolutely no issues
on a variety of Mac and Win OSes.

That's fine; those select drive mode and aren't used.

The above enclosure will power the 6GB drive from the USB port on a
desktop; but will work with a standard 5V power supply for use over
firewire or with a notebook.

good luck!