Mozilla Newsreader blues Anything better than halime newsreader ?

Mozilla Newsreader blues Anything better than halime newsreader ?

Post by Mr. Uh Cle » Sat, 10 Jul 2004 10:17:36

I've been a longtime Netscape 4.76 user on this old Win98 box.
There may be better, but the newsreader in 4.76 has served me well.

I recently got around to trying to move things to my G3 iBook under
10.2 and thought Mozilla would be a step up from Netscape 4. A few
months ago, I installed Mozilla 1.6. The web browser works great,
but I was rather disappointed in the newsreader. I expected it to be
a step up from Netscape, but much to my surprise, it lacks many
things I'd gotten used to in 4.76 such as:

* Mark by date - handy on high volume groups when I get behind
* The location tool bar newsgroup pulldown list (cleaner than
dealing with a group/inbox pane on a small screen)
* Threaded display seemed a little rough

* Used to Tab back and forth between top pane & bottom, now
Tab seems to go intermediate places, making it useless at a

I upgraded to Mozilla 1.7 and it's WORSE!

* Difficult to get to display unread messages by thread
* Kill thread is totally broken, instead of collapsing
the thread, it expands it!
* other weirdness

Reality check:
Am I missing something? Am I doing *Something Wrong*? Or
is Moz mail & news really that broken??? Yeah, it has some
nice new features, but I don't care that much about most of
them. I'm ready to fall back to 1.6 or give up and move on
to another reader.

What is the relationship between the Mozilla suite and the
individual components, Firefox & Thunderbird? Do Firefox
and Thunderbird lead or lag the Mozilla suite?

On a related note, I see there's a patch out today for
PC users of Moz/Firefox/Thunderbird.

"If you push something hard enough, it will fall over."
- Fudd's first law of opposition

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