Press Release: 3D-Matrix v1.5 for Mac OS X Now Available

Press Release: 3D-Matrix v1.5 for Mac OS X Now Available

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Press Release Source: Digital Scores

3DMatrix 1.5 2004 Now Available For Mac OS X
Friday April 16
Major New Release of 3D Graphics Application 3D-Matrix

ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA--Apr. 16, 2004--Digital Scores today announced the
immediate availability of 3D-Matrix 2004 for Mac OS X, a powerful
environment for creating 3D models.

3D Matrix is targeted towards game developers and graphic designers
starting out in 3D modeling. 3D Matrix is easier to use than other
modeling packages, and offers an extensive range of export functions
so 3D Matrix can act as a gateway to other powerful tools.

Visual artists can quickly put complex 3D objects together and export
high resolution JPG images from scenes.

"3D Matrix 2004 has features that should have been there in earlier
versions, such as a multiple step undo and an open source file format.
We have kept the same 3D editing paradigm that we think is the easiest
to use out there" said Julian Cochran, president of products, Digital
Scores. "We can't wait to see some of the structures that creative
people will be coming out with and inspired games that developers will
be producing."

3D Matrix 2004 delivers substantial upgrades from the earlier
versions, offering an XML file format that gives developers more
control of the data, a flexible and memory efficient model design,
mirrored polygon groups that can be skewed and distorted, new polygon
optimization tools, a multi-step undo and redo feature and significant
upgrades to the Digital Scores GUI including a built-in web browser
and help system.

The application runs under Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux.

Pricing and Availability

The free Lite Edition of 3DMatrix 2004, limited by reduced polygon
count, is available for download now from The commercial Standard Edition is
priced at US$299. Students can purchase the Standard Edition of 3D
Matrix at the academic price of US$79.

About Digital Scores

Making software that lasts. Digital Scores is motivated by the belief
that great software design requires the clearest view of the future
along with the leadership and courage to position products for this
future. Digital Scores create custom software solutions, provide
consultation for data recovery and risk management as well as
marketing their own products that work over the internet, desktops and
wireless devices.

The Digital Scores logo and 3D-Matrix are trademarks or registered
trademarks of Digital Scores Pty Ltd, which may be registered in the
United States and internationally.

Other product or service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of
their respective owners.

Digital Scores
Julian Cochran

Source: DigitalScores,

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I just encountered two problems at once. First of all I want to calculate the sum of a 3d-matrix with respect to one dimension! Unfortunately the sum only seems to work with 2d-matrices.
The second problem is a mathematical problem. I am pretty sure that it's possible to change a n x m x 1 matrix to an n x m x p matrix by multiplying it with something else. Since I could not figure it out I used a loop, but I guess that's not very effective if I want to use this part multiple times
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syms a b c d e f
pos=[a b;c d;e f]; % x,y

[np,nd]=size(pos); %number of points, number of dimensions
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(pos1-pos2).^2 % here it is a 3x2x3 matrix
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(the whole point of this program is to calculate the distances between all points given in pos)

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