How to get Secure NFS & Kerberos running in IRIX 6.5.27?

How to get Secure NFS & Kerberos running in IRIX 6.5.27?

Post by Peter Erik » Fri, 03 Jun 2005 22:32:52

I'm currently struggling with getting Secure NFS & Kerberos running in
a nice and integrated way on a SGI IRIX 6.5.27 system but I'm running
into a couple of annoying misfeatures:

I have /etc/krb5.conf and /etc/krb5/krb5.keytab set up and I can
authenticate against the KDC correctly.

However, I'm not getting the SSH daemon to authenticate against
Kerberos - so I'm wonder what's the way one is supposed to do this
on IRIX systems? My first thought was that one should use PAM but the
pam_krb5 man page warns that it uses it's own Kerberos libraries and
thus doesn't work together with the RPCSEC_GSS system that Secure NFS
use... Compile your own SSH daemon?

How have _you_ folks solved this issue?

Another problem is that even though autofs successfully mounts the
filesystems in question and I can access them (after performing a "kinit"
manually) things only work to a certain degree - apparently "vi" has
problems writing to files - it only creates an empty file and warns
that it couldn't write any characters to the file!

However, if I type "cat >FILENAME" and enter the same information as
I tried in "vi" it works! - Any idea what could be the cause?

No errors in the NFS servers log files.

The NFS Server is a Sun Solaris 9 system.

- Peter
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