Irix 6.5.27 - how to obtain ?

Irix 6.5.27 - how to obtain ?

Post by Cutru » Sun, 07 Aug 2005 17:54:12


Ok, so here's the question: I just bought a second hand Octane. I don't know
shit about the platform, but am willing to learn.

I also bought a 2nd hand external scsi cdrw which i intend 2 connect to my

My question is: How ( where ? ) can I get a new Irix 6.5.27 distribution ?
I've been to supportfolio ( think that's the name ), created an account, but
under downloads, 6.5.27 distribution is locked.

Now, I REALLY don't know much ( anything 2 tell the truth ) about Irix, and
that puzzles me. I guess it's not a free OS. But then again, seems like it
is some sort od unix/linux derivate . . and most of those are free. Right ?

Am I supposed to buy an entire OS and if so where ? Or am I entitled to some
sort of free upgrade, since I am after all a legire Octane owner with some
Irix isntalled on the machine. Think it's 6.5 . .

Any help appriciated.

Irix 6.5.27 - how to obtain ?

Post by jonny_morr » Sun, 07 Aug 2005 19:39:26

Irix is a licensed OS, which means you have to buy a license yourself
to legally own a copy and get the updates, usually when people buy
machines 2nd hand the Irix license is not transferable (but that
doesn't stop you using any OS that's already installed ;). You can
contact SGI via their website if you wish to purchase a license, but
Irix is aimed at corporations rather than individuals so expect a big
price tag.

I believe there was a version of linux available for Indy (an older SGI
machine), not sure if you can get it for Octane.


Irix 6.5.27 - how to obtain ?

Post by Joerg Behr » Sun, 07 Aug 2005 21:48:18

Cutrun schrieb:

You need a valid support contract to obtain the latest irix overlay release.

Ways to get IRIX media are:
P2P networks,
ask the previous owner for a *complete* copy of the irix base and latest
overlay cd set


Most but not all.

Use uname -Ra command to find out the exact version.

Visit the following pages to find more usefull infomataion about
irix/mips stuff.

Irix 6.5.27 - how to obtain ?

Post by gavob » Fri, 12 Aug 2005 05:33:27

normal,when you buy a machine, then stay there a os up and a licence
and that is a code up your machine.Your are better take contact up with

Ian SGI Depot that is the best man,and he is the right man up the
place.He have all the software and hardware to to buy.


Gaston from belgium