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2. [News] Bill Gates' Interest in Private Jets (One Jet Per 'Child')

Secondary market in personal jets takes off

,----[ Quote ]
| New Mexico-based Eclipse Aviation, whose backers include Microsoft
| founder Bill Gates, has already secured more than 2,500 orders for its
| six-seat Eclipse 500 jet, with the first delivery expected as early as next
| week after a series of delays in securing clearance from regulators.

I guess Ellison's yacht obsession and Gates' highly-efficient means of
transportation can truly make the world a better place. Maybe Gates will
offer a private plane and an Origami to children in Africa (reference to the
interview where he mocked the OLPC project).

To be fair, Google has a /shared/ plane as well (Boeing 757?), and it's
unlikely to have enough room for Ballmer to jump and shout in.

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