SGI Fuel Corrupts XFS Root Filesystem

SGI Fuel Corrupts XFS Root Filesystem

Post by dpfloy » Wed, 23 Mar 2005 00:52:10

We have the following system:

SGI Fuel running IRIX 6.5.25f
700 MHz IP35
2GB Main Memory
4 GB Swap Partition

We have a 64-bit application that provides the user with the capability
to load images for analysis.

One day, we decided to test the limits of the system by using our
application to load numerous images. At the same time, we were also
using "top" to monitor the memory and swap usage.

Once all of the available swap was nearly used up, a message was
suddenly displayed on the console relating to "/: filesystem corrupted"
and our application was killed by IRIX.

After using our CDROM to boot to miniroot, we attempted to repair our
root filesystem by using xfs_repair. However, after it was finished,
there was not much left that was discernable, so we just cut our losses
and reloaded the system from scratch.

After a day or so of rebuilding / reinstalling, we again decided to
test the limits of the system.

We encountered almost the exact same problem.

What could be causing the corruption of our XFS filesystem?


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since some weeks i try to get my new hardware running:

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz
Intel DP965LT Mainboard
Seagate SATA-Harddisk in AHCI-Mode

After some hours of running or after some heavy file-i/o
(find / | cpio -padm /test) I always get a corrupted

I used already the following Kernels:

After xfs_repair I get damaged files in lost+found.

I read in newsgroups that the write-cache of the harddisk
should be turned of, but the messages are all very old.

Is it still true, that it should be switched of? At startup
I get the following line:

[ 6.820776] SCSI device sda: write cache: enabled, read cache:
enabled, doesn't support DPO or FUA

So I wonder if it should be on or off.

I also often get a sata-bus-reset with the kernels

What can I do to find the problem? I think about to change
from xfs to ext2 but the filesystemcheck every 30 mounts lasts
a long time.

Do you have any Idea?

Which kernel is at the moment a so called stable? Stable enough
for my hardware?

Thanks a lot

Oliver Joa

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