X Windows won't start

X Windows won't start

Post by M Holfor » Fri, 08 Jul 2005 00:42:10


I've got a deskside Onyx RE2 which I've upgraded from 2x200mhz R4400 to
4x195mhz R10k. I've reinstalled Irix following Ian Maplesons guide, but I
get no GUI when the system boots. All I get is an Irix command line.

I installed version 6.5.12 of Irix and during the installation process, I
read the discs in this order :

6.5.12 Installation Tools and Overlays
6.5 Foundation 1
6.5 Foundation 2
6.5 Applications
6.5.12 Overlays 2 of 3
6.5.12 Overlays 3 of 3

Then I used the following commands to install Irix :

install standard
install prereqs
keep *

During insallation I get one error about appletalk, which I ignore.

When I log in, hinv reports that the graphics system is working, and
gfxinfo also reports that the graphics system is working. I have tried using
startgfx but it makes no difference.

I used the same discs to install Irix when I first got the machine, so I
know that they work. Do I need a newer version of Irix?