ss10 with gdm-20D10

ss10 with gdm-20D10

Post by Jacint JUH » Thu, 22 Apr 2004 04:42:34


i have a sparcstation10 with a gdm-20D10 monitor and cg6. i installed
solaris 8 on it, and works fine. (a bit minimal config but it's ehough
for me now) the problem is that I can't set up my monitor with the
contrast key on the type5 keyboard. I've googled this but found that I
can configure this with the $OPENWINHOME/bin/contrast in the
file. the contrast file was in the SUNWpmow package in the solaris 2.5
(maybe) but not in solaris 8's. is there any way to configure the monitor?
(contrast/brightness olny)

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ss10 with gdm-20D10

Post by Richard.L. » Wed, 05 May 2004 23:48:07

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None of the video related keys on the keyboard (SunVideoDegauss,
SunVideoLowerBrightness, SunVideoRaiseBrightness) do anything except that
the brightness keys work on a Voyager (which has a special flat panel
display as part of it), or maybe on some laptops.

(In principle, on newer monitors that had the standard connectors,
depending on the frame buffer hardware, it might be possible to control at
least some of the monitor's configuration from the host, but I'm not aware
of any Sun frame buffer drivers that actually let you do anything that
would make that accessible in such a way that they special keys could be
implemented. And on the older monitors with the 13W3 connection, there's
just no way at all to do it.)

The 20D10 has everything except power on a remote control that fits in
a storage slot at the bottom (center) of the case. If your remote is
missing or broken, check if anyone has one to sell where their remote
still works but the monitor died. (I'm kind of like that, except I'd
like to try to fix the monitor, so mine's not for sale.)

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ss10 with gdm-20D10

Post by Jacint JUH » Thu, 13 May 2004 05:52:58

Richard L. Hamilton wrote in comp.sys.sun.admin:

I don't have controller. Thanks for the answer.
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