Sun Cluster Migration

Sun Cluster Migration

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We have the following configuration that we want to migrate to Solaris
9 or 10 with Sun Cluster 3.x and need to find out the considerations in
the versions or configurations of the softwares and/or hardware

This is the current configuration

Sun Cluster 2.2 with 2 Sun Enterprise 3500 and two storages A5100
The console of Sun Cluster is in a SUN Ultra 5
Operating system Solaris 2.6
Veritas Volume Manager 3.04
Veritas File System 3.33
Sybase 12.0

The agents that sun cluster uses are for the data base sybase and for

In particular we want to migrate to Solaris 9 and Sun Cluster 3.x and
want to know which versions of software we need to migrate (VVM, VFS,
etc) to be compatible with the new version of Solaris and Sun Cluster
and if the hardware configuration is supported.

If we do the migration to Solaris 10 and Sun Cluster 3.x??


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Right now I've got some 3.5 Veritas Clusters running Oracle8
that are due for an upgrade.

I'm playing around with the idea of getting rid of all of
our Veritas software and replacing it with Sun software
(since cluster is now free).

So it would be:

Solaris 10 (01/06 HW release, latest patches)
Sun Volume Manager
Sun Cluster 3.1

I've used Veritas for so long now & am weary of mixing it in
with Sun Cluster. Ideally - I'd like to just go with one vendor
for my clustering.

Is MPXIO comparable to DMP? Are people actually running Sun volume
manager under production Oracle DB's? I've used SVM for mirroring
boot drives on web servers and app servers but never in the database

I've read that QFS can do the volume management all on it's own -
is that what people are typically using with Sun Clusters?

I'm reading the FAQs and white papers right now but would love to
hear from some people with real world experience with the stuff.


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