Sun One Directory Server 5.2 replication

Sun One Directory Server 5.2 replication

Post by perry_jian » Thu, 04 Mar 2004 07:24:03

Hi, folks

In Sun One Directory Server 5.2 replication deployment, when I set up
hub and consumer servers, do they need to have the similiar sizing as
master server?
For instance, machine model(CPU, memory) and storage size etc.
Do they keep the same amount of information as the master server?

Thanks a lot.


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Hi ,

I have a installation of Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 on a Unix box -
Solaris 8 ( SPARC) on which I have created a instance to store some
objects.Lets say this instance is running on a port :6767
Now to carry out a test procedure I want to hang this 6767 port so that
my application is not able to access the objects stored in this
instance though when we do a "netstat -na | grep"6767" this port should
come as busy or in hang state in no circumstances it should be free.
I have tried few things that is by making the disk full 100 % in which
this directory server is installed but no luck till now .

Please let me know at the earliest how to hand ldap service on this
particular port such that slapd process of directory server hangs.

Thanks in advance



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