Unable to Install Solaris V9 4/03

Unable to Install Solaris V9 4/03

Post by John Silve » Sun, 11 Jan 2004 00:29:47

I bought a bare bones Sparc Server 5 a little time back and have just got
around to setting it up.

I have loaded 7 32 Mb SIMMs and 1 8Mb SIMM, memory seems OK, and is reported
at 232 Mb.

I have loaded a 10k rpm Seagate cheetah in SCSI device 1.

I have loaded an IBM HDD in SCSI device 3.

Naturally, both are being reported with : Corrupt label; wrong magic number.

Once I get an OS up I will reformat both drives.

The CDRom works, and boot cdrom -nowin runs up the install and the first
software disk, but it gets no further.

The reason for nowin is that I am using a serial terminal to control it, I
don't have, and won't add a frame store for performance and purpose reasons.

After getting through the OS load startup I get the message (repeated) that
boot will not enable cache. I doubt this is a serious issue.

The Sun licence and release text comes up.

The two disks are tested and report label problems.

Then I get panic[cpu0]/thread=f5d58d20: Can't invoke boot cdrom -nowin,
error 2.

The install disk gets me to an OK prompt after a reboot, but standard Unix
commands don't seem to be recognised, and the disk is now reported to have a
bad magic number. I seem to be missing a prompt to load the first software
disk. The reboot has been to SCSI disk 3

The first software disk fails as follows:

Then I get panic[cpu0]/thread=f5d58d20: Can't invoke boot cdrom -nowin,
error 2.

A couple of lines of hex dump follow starting with fbe85b20 genunix.

It tries to sync the file systems and states cannot sync. (Not too surprised
here, the disks haven't been reformatted.)

It skips the system dump (also unsurprising since there is no available

The log reports the machines resets and reboots and returns me to an ok

A web search hasn't helped me. RTFM suggests I should be getting prompts
for the install. I haven't found relevant answers on this newsgroup.

I have purchased genuine Sun media so I don't expect a media problem to be
the cause.

The reads on the disks suggest the CDRom device is not faulty, although I
could be wrong.

I'm having one of those "I've missed the blinding flash of the bleeding
obvious" moments and would appreciate guidance.

Kind regards


Unable to Install Solaris V9 4/03

Post by Rich Tee » Sun, 11 Jan 2004 02:57:05

OK so far - although those drives might run a bit hot in
an SS5 case.

If you're using a serial termin, there's no need to bother with
-nowin (I'm not even sure that's a legal option). Just say
boot cdrom as usual; the system will work out that you're
using a TTY. So, try booting from SOftware CD 1, with just
boot cdrom.


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Unable to Install Solaris V9 4/03

Post by John Silve » Mon, 12 Jan 2004 22:32:08

Sorry for the initial post direct Rich.

Thanks Rich,

I had tried that, but I have tried a second time.

The machine has been booted already with the installation disk, and then
sits with a prompt and goes no further.

I then tried inserting the Software CD 1 and issued boot cdrom. It attempted
to boot from scsi device 3 and reported bad magic number.

I then issued boot cdrom -s and it started to boot from device 6, the cdrom.
Once again the devices 1 and 3 were reported with corrupt labels, but it
proceeded to do some work with the cycling prompts -\|/ and so on.

Again it went on to configure /dev and /devices.

It then indicated it was looking for RPC bootparams for configuration info.

It skipped interface le0.

and prompted INIT: SINGLE USER MODE with the # prompt symbol.

Issuing the format command from this prompt returned the message format#:
not found.

Time for a bonehead question: if the disks are still flagged as
incompatible, one presumes we are running the OS from memory or from the CD.
Nothing will have been stored to any physical devices yet. So where will it
retrieve OS commands? It seems not to be finding them in either memory of on
the CD. Indeed, nothing is found on the CD since ls and df return nothing,
yet df -g returns a usage note indicating # is an unknown option.

I'm missing a flash of the flaming obvious here, I just know I am.

Kind regards



Unable to Install Solaris V9 4/03

Post by John Silve » Mon, 12 Jan 2004 23:48:33

he blinding flash of the bleeding obvious came after midnight. If the
terminal was telling me syntax was wrong then it was indeed retrieving OS
commands from somehwere.

Based on the start defined below I tried a number of options including
turning off remote mode and reenabling it on the terminal.

I then discovered that adding a space after the command string meant the
command worked. So, format was started, with all expected, and documented,

I suspect then that either I have a compatibility or configuration problem
with my terminal. It's an HP 700/92, quite dated as those who know the
marque will realise. It's detecting part of the command line and thus
producing an invalid command.

. On fixing the terminal
. On accepting the quirkiness of the interface
. Am I better running term on one of my pcs? (Slightly offensive that
idea: using a toy OS to make a real OS work!)

Kind regards


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