mirrored boot disk hangs on boot, solaris 9 with svm

mirrored boot disk hangs on boot, solaris 9 with svm

Post by Bill » Thu, 03 Nov 2005 10:52:30

I created a mirrored boot drive with / and /export/home and swap
mirrored. I then tried to manually boot from it after attaching the
mirrors with metattach. For some reason the boot process hangs very
early have issueing the boot mirrdisk (mirrdisk setup in nvalias). Is
there an easy in svm to drop the mirror and re-add thus syncing the
data? Could it be maybe that I didn't mirror swap? I wasn't sure if I
needed to or not. I guess I should redo my mirror. Any thoughts?

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We are using Solaris Volume Manager on Solaris 9 SPARC servers to mirror
the boot disk (RAID 1) so in case of one disk crashes we can still boot
on the other and have our system up. Now I wanted to ask if this is also
possible on x86 ?

We are currently planning on installing x86 Solaris 9 servers and would
also like to mirror the boot disk using SVM. Is this also possible ? If
yes is it the same procedure as with SPARC ?

I am not so sure about installing the boot block on the second disk on

Many thanks

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