Sunpci III Redhat install

Sunpci III Redhat install

Post by cheg0 » Tue, 20 Nov 2007 04:17:39

I have a Sunpci III installed on an Ultra 80. It works great with Win
XP but I can't get Redhat 9 to install from a SUN OEM DVD drive. When
I try to select CDROM installation media, it says `no redhat linux cd
found that matches boot media`. It reading from the disk but not
recognizing it. Any sugestions? Is it looking for a specific kernel

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I'm installing the above card in a Blade 100 and initially for it to
be able to see a floppy I've run the vold_disable_floppy scrip,t now
with the appropriate bios settings I can boot from a floppy
However I want to install from a cd so I need to disable the cd from
using vold
I was just wondering why isn't there a vold_disable_cdrom as I thought
99% of installationd would be cdrom based or am i missing something as
usual :-)

TIA Paul

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