Old Sun graphics boards

Old Sun graphics boards

Post by crimsonR » Fri, 25 Mar 2005 00:25:53

Hello to all,
I have begun to compare the graphics systems (HW & SW)
available in Suns over the years to see their evolution firsthand (my
day job has not involved this too much so I didn't seen it for myself,
really). I have picked up many of the later SBus- & UPA-based boards
- MG2,CG3,GX/TGX/+,SX,S24,ZX,Creator3D(Series

However, I haven't found some of the early ones for Sun-4's -
GS [CG12],TC [CG8], and GT (the separate graphics tower)
I have seen a couple of GT's offered on eBay but of course they were
missing the SBus board and corresponding cable that interfaced the unit

with its host Sun.
I'd also be interested in getting any of the 3rd party graphics boards
Evans & Sutherland (Freedom 1000 & 3000), Rasterflex, Parallax,
Integrix, or Southland Media...
If anyone knows of a source for any of these, or has one gathering dust
on your shelf, please contact me.
I'd like to exchange e-mail with anyone else out there interested in
the evolution of graphics on Sun hardware. Please drop me a note! Any
suggestions for e-mail list where this sort of topic would be welcome?
I will try the Classic Computer list, and have already posted on the
Sunhelp Rescue list...

Michael Doyle
C *** tesville, *** ia, USA

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Anyone know what's the oldest version of Solaris that Sun Studio 12
will run on? (not necessarily 'supported' on)

We've got an old Forte/TOOL application that we'd like to re-compile
on SunOS 2.6. We used to use (I think) Sun Workshop 5 but our licence
server has died and I don't know how to get a replacement.
I'm pretty sure that the version of Forte (3m02) wont install or run
on Solaris 9 or later.

I tried installing Studio 12 using the 'untar' method, on SunOS 2.6,
but when I try to run 'cc' I get
ld.so.1: cc: fatal: libpicl.so.1: open failed: No such file or
which looks pretty terminal.

Reading the differences between Workshop 5 and Studio 12 I was hoping
they wouldn't be 'that' different - as far as the command line
compiler was concerned. But I guess I was being too optimistic!


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