Question on upgrading Ultra 2

Question on upgrading Ultra 2

Post by test » Mon, 10 Sep 2007 05:59:11

I have is a Sun Ultra 2 (Dual 296mhz) 3d
Creator box attached to a Xerox 6135 Production Printer.
Xerox wants a small fortune to upgrade the Computer.

I would like to speed up file rip time for its pretty slow and files
are getting larger not smaller.

I'm basically a intel guy so these might be some stupid questions

If I bought either a:

1) Sun Ultra 80
2) Sun Blade 150
3) Sun Blade 1000,1500, or 2000

Could I take the hard drive from the current setup and put it in the
new machine and be up and running without any problems?

It seems like the 2000 is a 64bit machine, would that be a problem
considering I would be putting in a drive with older software on it?

Currently I have a dual, would I need to purchase another dual for the
hard drive to work?

Am I thinking correctly in your opinion, a switch to a faster machine
should improve rip times?

Any Gotcha's that you can think of that I should look out for?

Lastly, which one of the options (1,2,3) would, in your opinion be my
best choice.

Thanks to anyone else who would like to offer a opinion or suggestion
in advance.

Question on upgrading Ultra 2

Post by Huge » Mon, 10 Sep 2007 06:36:00

Not in the case of the Sunblades, no. They use FC-AL disks and the Ultra 2 is a
SCSI machine.

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Question on upgrading Ultra 2

Post by Trinea » Mon, 10 Sep 2007 06:39:10

You would need to reload the OS if you go to any of these other machines.
Especially since the Sun Blade 150/1500 use IDE drives and the Sun Blade
1000/2000 use Fibre Channel.

Even in an Ultra 80 that actually uses SCSI drives I can't imagine a hard
drive from an Ultra 2 working without having to reload.