Rack mounting Sun servers (x2100)

Rack mounting Sun servers (x2100)

Post by no » Mon, 14 Nov 2005 03:31:35

I'm new to Sun Servers, but after having a bad experience with Dell
and reviewing the recent performance benchmarks, I decided to give
them a try. I purchased several
entry level servers since the pricing seemed really attractive.

When I received the servers I was disappointed to see that these 1U
rack mount servers didn't come with ears to mount the servers into a
rack. I see that there is a Slide Rail Kit (X8029A) from Sun,
retailing at $150. Given that these are entry level servers, $150
(+tax and shipping) is quite a percentage of the overall price of the

I started doing some more digging to see if I could find generic
mounts for a standard 19" rack, but then I came to realize that Sun
servers are different widths than standard x86 servers, which I had
no idea! Our x2100s are 425.5 mm (16.75 in.) wide.

Do I have any options here, or am I stuck using the X8029A for $150?
And will this fit in a standard rack?

The X8029A description states "X-Option slide rail kit for Sun Fire
X2100, X4100 and X4200 x64 servers. Only fits in Sun Rack 900-38, Sun
Rack 1000-38, Sun Rack 1000-42, or racks that have internal depth
(post to post) of 27-inches." What have others done to fit these
into 2 post racks or racks of different depths?

I'd really just like to get a fixed bracket solution for as low cost
as possible.

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The web site is useless for ordering the rx2600 rack mount kit.
So I call the 1-800 number. Just as useless.

Perhaps somebody out there has a rack mount rx2600 and would like
to house it in the "jersey wall". If so, let me know.

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