Sun Usability Study: Oct 28-29, 2009

Sun Usability Study: Oct 28-29, 2009

Post by LynB » Fri, 23 Oct 2009 02:24:41

We are looking for systems engineers and architects, technology
management/executives, or systems administrators who are responsible
for researching and recommending enterprise-class servers to
participate in a research study this week.

You must be located in the US or Canada to participate. Current or
recent (within the past year) Sun Microsystems employees and
contractors are not eligible. You must be employed by or contracted
full-time with a medium- to large-sized business to be eligible (no
consultants for this study, sorry).

If you are interested, you will be asked to participate in a 1-hour
interview using an audio and web conferencing service (you need to
have an Internet connection and a separate phone line). Participants
will receive $75 (by check) for their feedback.

Wednesday, October 28, and Thursday, October 29.

If you are interested, please reply with answers to all of the
following questions:
1. Your current or most recent job: tell us a bit about what you do.
2. Your experience with Sun Microsystems products if any. What other
server manufacturers are you familiar with?
3. Your experience with the - how often do you visit (if at
4. Some background about your company - how big is it, how long has it
been around, and what industry are you in?
5. Your role in research, recommending, and purchasing products for
your company (focusing on large purchases - like enterprise-class
6. Whether or not your company has a Sun reseller in place.
7. Whether or not your company has a separate group or person
responsible for negotiating contracts and making purchases (again,
focusing on large purchases).
8. Times that would work for you on October 28 or 29. Please include
your time zone.
9. A phone number where you can be reached for scheduling.

Please answer the questions above rather than attaching your resume.

Please feel free to forward this message to others who might be

Lyn Bain