Bluetooth keyboard (USB) for sun equipment

Bluetooth keyboard (USB) for sun equipment

Post by brightwell » Thu, 24 Jun 2004 02:40:23

Hi All,

I had a little look at previous threads and couldn't find this
specifically addressed ... so I hope someone out there can help.

I realise that sun don't produce or support wireless keyboard/mice for
their systems. However, a number of people have successfully used (PC)
RF wireless keyboards in combination with a sun system (presumably
because they respond as a standard USB keyboard) ... Some of the sun
keyboard layout and function keys are lost but they are workable
(inthe sort of environment we have in mind).

RF keyboards aren't a very secure option so it's very possible that
passwords etc can be snooped ...

Bluetooth (on the face of it) seems to offer greater opportunity for
security than RF ... has anybody successfully connected used a
Bluetooth wireless keyboard with a sun system, or do you know whether
such a combination is likely to work?

Which Keyboard/Mouse?
Did you have to install any drivers/software on the sun system?

Are there any other options for a secure wireless keyboard?

Many thanks in advance


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In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,

Indeed... I suppose I should submit details to Castle's USB database. It is
a definite advance on the old Logitech.


Excuse this addition to the above.

Discovered something interesting/annoying today, not the fault of the

The Castle USB card causes Font Directory Pro (!FontFS) v.3.02 to crash
horribly when it is run. I have eliminated all the other variables (except
one*) and it is definitely only when the Castle USB podule is plugged in.

*The Castle card shares the podule bus with an EtherH podule. I haven't tried
it with the EtherH podule separately disconnected; this seems a very long

Ideas anyone?


Gary Locock, Network Manager, Bablake Junior School
Coundon Road, Coventry CV1 4AU
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