Cobalt RaQ4.. questions before buying one.

Cobalt RaQ4.. questions before buying one.

Post by Ludwig Sch » Sun, 18 Jul 2004 11:48:05

Hi ng,

I'm thinking about buying one Sun Cobalt RaQ4 server. One good thought so

Ok, I'm aware of the fact that those machines are running out of business
but it still looks really suitable for private / home usage ... what I'm
planing tho.
The hardware part are fine, but is the software / embedded part too?

I'm into FreeBSD (workstation ...) and if one is into unix, he/she should
share some critical thoughts about such a "ready to go server" because unix
comes with those many software based features, i.e. latest security, etc..
total control, you know what I mean.
(I will forget about total control, because I can't invest any more time
into managing those many services. But I want the right services to be
running on that server ... see (1)).

If you are running one RaQ server or sharing experience with it please write
me your thoughts and positives or negative - sys admin related - aspects.
Or one suitable link...

My garage:
I would like to bind the server into a small network, managed and served by
a simple siemens adsl router (dhcp). The RaQ should provide me absolute
autarc and stable services.


Any SSL/TLS POP3 E Mail possible with the latest software?
(The first time I read on APOP was when reading some customer PDF of the
RaQ4. How funny and at least gives me a proof that it's really rarly used
and somehow...)

What Mail Servers are available? I've read something about Sendmail ...

How long will the RaQ's be supported (software updates) by Sun?

I didn't get enough information from google: What was it, Software Raid?
Still Raid 1? or 0? Any RaQ4 model with Raid?

Diskspace limitation? 2x?? GB?

Linux Terminal access? (Oh yes, I think so...)

Network compatibility when binding it into the ethernet as a DMZ?

Samba? Ethernet availablility?

What are the bugs?

Thanks in advance!


Ludwig Schreier

Cobalt RaQ4.. questions before buying one.

Post by slrn » Tue, 20 Jul 2004 05:10:12


See below for patches, but raq4 comes with POP3/SSL, etc.

sendmail, but I believed there are postfix package available.

raq4 has been discontinued for quite sometime, but the raq550 is until
2007? You can load raq550 software onto a raq4.

raq4r can do raid 1 (mirror) but you can update the raq4 ROM to
becomes raq4r

120G at 5400rpm, not 7200rpm, seagate drive.


Depends on raq4 model, some comes with one ethernet, some dual.

I believed there are independent samba packages available.

A good mailing list to ask/join is XXXX@XXXXX.COM .

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please reply, to the newsgroup(s).


Cobalt RaQ4.. questions before buying one.

Post by Ludwig Sch » Thu, 22 Jul 2004 08:30:47

Good sounding answers...

Well, I bought one model for approx. 280 EUR and looking forward to install
it soon.

I'm really sure that it will fit my needs.



Ludwig Schreier