Error in executing cl_emul_dare

Error in executing cl_emul_dare

Post by Sing » Sun, 19 Dec 2004 00:04:02

I have 2 node cascading mutual takeover cluster with HACMP
on AIX 5.2 ML4. I have p630 nodes. Microcodes/Firmwares are latest.
System was tested and is works fine...

I don't know why it nver happened earlier on this cluster but

Yesterday after adding disks ( I added earlier too without errors) when
I verified cluster through problem determination- works fine

When try tried to sync in emulate mode it failed with following error:
Verification has completed normally.

clsnapshot: Creating file /usr/es/sbin/cluster/snapshots/active.0.odm.

clsnapshot: Succeeded creating Cluster Snapshot: active.0
*******Executing DARE Emulation********
dsh: 5025-509 Msg EMSG509 not found. HAserver1 rsh had exit code 2
Dec 15 2004 19:51:15 Failure occurred while executing cl_emul_cspoc .
Error in executing cl_emul_dare

As I was sure that my cluster is fine:

I did syncing with actual option it worked fine.
event get-vg_fs etc worked fine

Please advise what should I do during such prod changes. Why this error