FP 2002 3rd Party Add-Ins

FP 2002 3rd Party Add-Ins

Post by Mike » Fri, 14 Nov 2003 07:51:25

Did Webs Unlimited go out of business?
I was thinking about purchasing their J-Bots Plus 2002.
Is there a comparable product available?

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2. 3rd party add-ins

I asked Question: -
I am using "Visual studio 2003.net" for application development. I have to
develop an application for Palm OS. Can I develop this application using same
procedure as to develop an application for PDA having Windows CE.
If it is not same What approach I should take to develop my application for
Palm OS?

For this Question "Chris Tacke" answered as follow: -
"The answer hasn't changed in the hour since I answered the last time you
asked. Studio can not do this by itself. There are 3rd party add-ins that
provide this functionality."

Thank you Chris for reply.

Now My Question is that How use "3rd party add-ins that provide this

Please elaborate it. Where I can read detail about it?

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