Using cmd.exe commands on a Form Command Button

Using cmd.exe commands on a Form Command Button

Post by mcesche » Fri, 05 Jan 2007 05:10:40

Use a batch file that redirects the output to a text file and then read
the data in.

Hint: use Dev Ashish's excellent Shell and Wait code.

<<Air code>>

@echo off
getmac /s %1 >MyTextFile.txt

Private Sub GetInfo_Click()
Dim strShellCmd As String
strShellCmd = "path\MyBatchFile.bat " & me.NodeName
ShellWait strShellCmd
DoCmd.TransferText path\MyTextFile.txt
'Read your information out of the imported table
End Sub

It's almost too easy... B-)
Hope this helps,
Chris M.

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I'm trying to figure out what the right-click --> Scroll selection does.

By experimentation by right-clicking inside a Command Prompt window:

right-click --> Mark initiates text selection
right-click --> Copy selects text
right-click --> Paste pastes text selection to current oommand
right-click --> Select All selects all text in the buffer
right-click --> Scroll ???
right-click --> Find selects text after finding in in the buffer

o must be invoked by the Enter key as the menu entry is
always greyed out
o right-click after marking text is also is a keyboard shortcut for

o Greys out Mark and Paste until a selection is made, but I can't
figure out what it is used for

- Larry

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