Cannot append workaround question

Cannot append workaround question

Post by GreySk » Thu, 09 Oct 2003 00:08:35

docmd.setwarnings false
... execute query
docmd.setwarnings true

I almost never use macros (except for menus), but I
believe DoCmd is one of the options (then select

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RE: Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 246354

I am unable to install an EPSON Stylus C62 printer in W2K (SP4). I have
tried several times using BOTH the Epson installation CD & the W2K driver
package downloaded from Epson's web site. Suggestions from Epson Support
have not resolved the issue.

I just discovered the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 246354 that
suggests deleting the registry entries for the specific USB printer in the
following registry key:


The entry for the Stylus C62 is indeed residing in the key. HOWEVER, the
system refuses to delete it. I get an error saying: "Cannot delete (named
key). Error while deleting key.'

Please advise if anyone knows how to workaround this issue.

Thanks - Blithe

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