Number of connections to Access database

Number of connections to Access database

Post by OJFEnterpr » Wed, 22 Dec 2004 07:37:01


Does anyone know of a way to determine the number of database
connections currently in existence for a particular .MDB? Say...I
point a file path of an .MDB to some component, funky module, etc., and
it returns the number of connections currently talking to an MDB.
Thanks for any suggestions in this odd request!

Number of connections to Access database

Post by '69 Camar » Thu, 23 Dec 2004 03:32:20


The number of connections to the database can be counted by retrieving the
database user/connection information from the MDB and LDB files. For the
sample code for this task in Access 2002 and 2003, please see this Web page
(it has a link to the Access 2000 version, too):

To visually see the information, Microsoft's LDB Viewer can be used to view
the current users of any Access database on the network. You may find a
link to this tool and other free diagnostic tools in the "Free Microsoft
Access Troubleshooting Tools" section on this Web page:



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