[FreeBSD 4.8] CD-RW drive and closing tray with cdcontrol

[FreeBSD 4.8] CD-RW drive and closing tray with cdcontrol

Post by fred » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 04:45:38

Hi all,

I have recent CD-RW and DVD-ROM SAMSUNG drive.

To eject the tray, I use cdcontrol which works fine.

But for closing the tray, only the DVD-ROM works fine.

For the CD-RW drive, I get the message

acd0: START_STOP - ILLEGAL REQUEST asc=0x53 ascq=0x02 error=0x00

The source says that is caused by ioctl() with an I/O error (errno = 5).

What does it means ?

Is it a hardware problem or can I fix it ?

Thanks in advance.


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