High load after upgrading from 5.2-RC2 to 5.2-Release

High load after upgrading from 5.2-RC2 to 5.2-Release

Post by psychoma » Wed, 28 Jan 2004 18:30:39

Hey there,

I've upgraded from FreeBSD 5.2-RC2 to 5.2-Release last Friday and I'm
having a very strange problem since. I've noticed that all of a sudden
all the services my FreeBSD Box is offering were very slow, so I had a
look at it and discovered that the avg. load on my Server was about
After meandering around for quite some time I've discovered that some
weird process is eating up more than 50% of my CPU, here is an output
from top (top -s1 -I -S):

27 root -48 -167 0K 12K WAIT 27:42 59.08% 59.08% swi8: tty:sio clock

The 59.08% is the CPU load. Now does anybody know what eaxctly this
swi8: tty:sio clock is for? I've found any useful information. Btw:
also after rebuilding with RELENG_5_2 the problem didn't disappear,
however if I reboot into single user mode the problem seems to
disappear (load avg 0.xxx). Under [1] you can find a graph with the
current load. Thank you very much for any tips or hints!

[1] https://drsweety.homeip.net/admin/?site=hotsanic/system/load.php

With kind regards

Aurel Bodenmann

Aurel Bodenmann, WWW: www dot dr dot sweety dot li
E-Mail: dr <at> sweety <dot> li
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