FBSD-7.2-R-p6: csup problems while cvsup works

FBSD-7.2-R-p6: csup problems while cvsup works

Post by migiege » Tue, 16 Feb 2010 13:04:07

I'm using csup in cvs mode to fetch NetBSD (all) among
others (didn't see this with FreeBSD's repository).

This mostly works, but sometimes fails updating big
files (in general >4-5 kB (e.g. font files for X). I'm
getting "Receiver: Connection reset by peer" messages,
and after this csup uses all 100 % CPU, slows down
(needs >10 minutes to update a 4-5 kByte file) and
finally exits with "Will retry in ...".

Strangely substituting csup to cvsup (same command
line: cvsup -g -L 2 -d 100 conf-file, same config)
yields a 2-3 % CPU utilisation and no problems at all.

Has anybody seen this weird csup behaviour too? Any


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Any ideas why I'm seeing this message?

1. Did a clean install of FreeBSD 4.10 from CD.
2. Built cvsup from ports.
3. Ran cvsup on RELENG_4_10 (standard_supfile) and Ports (ports_supfile).
4. Ran make buildworld / buildkernel / installkernel / installworld
5. portupgrade cvsup
"** No such installed package: cvsup"

By contrast, "portupgrade cvsup" seems to work (does nothing silently
anyway) when executed on a FreeBSD 4.9 box that's been updated already.

Many thanks for any info,

- Martin.

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