AMD64 FreeBSD Motherboards & Ports

AMD64 FreeBSD Motherboards & Ports

Post by Daero » Tue, 14 Dec 2004 13:13:32

To update my workstation,
I settled on a 3500+ AMD64 and a moderate video card
(ATI Radeon 9600 which is meant to have OpenGL 2.0 hardware support)

Motherboards - IMHO beware of nVidia chipset mobo

A Gigabyte motherboard with nVidia chipset first
required the ACPI to be disabled (option 2)
before the 5.3-RELEASE CD could boot to the install screen.
The on-board sk LAN seemed to be o.k.
but the system was unstable & died in panic 2 to 30 minutes
into compiling, the resulting file corruptions & inability
to compile soon made the Gigabyte unworkable, in my experience.

A ASUS A8V motherboard with VIA chipset has had no
compatibility problems to date; the GENERIC kernel is able
to boot successfully, and there's been no panic's during
fifty hours of heavy compile work.
However, the on-board sk LAN interface has frozen a couple
of times - I suspect it is vulnable during heavy workloads.

Ports - IMHO needs more AMD64 users to work on Graphics & Multimedia ports.
However there are a number of ports which state that they are i386 ports
only & will not comiple for amd64.

Can anyone shine light on the subject of how to compile & run i386 binary
ports on a amd64 system? It would also be handy to have the ability to
emulate a Linux system.

AMD64 FreeBSD Motherboards & Ports

Post by karg » Tue, 14 Dec 2004 14:33:34

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You need to read the freebsd-amd64 mailing list archive.

cd /path/to/port/yada

If it fails because of ARCH_ONLY_BLAH=i386 in the Makefile,
remove that line and try again. If it compiles, you're done.
If it fails start ading patches until it compiles, then submit
a patch.

You can run ia32 linux binaries on FreeBSD/amd64. Read the
mailing list archive.