Belkin PCI Wireless Network card???

Belkin PCI Wireless Network card???

Post by Y Does It » Tue, 20 Jan 2004 18:36:51

Wondering if anyone has managed to get a FreeBSD 4.9 system up and running
with a working Belkin 54g (model F5D7000) network card enabled?

If so - how?



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Dear All,

I have recently installed a Belkin wireless PCI card in my G4 and ever
since the USB ports on the back of my Apple Monitor don't function. By
don't function I mean the system profile doesn't see them, bits
connected to the ports don't appear on the Mac but an iPodShuffle does
flash its orange light when plugged in.

Any body any ideas or fixes (other than remove the Belkin card of

Mac is the G4 466 running 10.3.9
Monitor is the standard Apple 15" flat panel available circa 2002.

Note that the Belkin card does not stat it will work with a Mac G4 but
the F5D7000 (3000uk) uses the BroadCom chipset and if you go to the
manufacturer of that chipset Ralink Technology at
Load the driver, popin your 0 card from PCWorld and hay presto
wireless - sans monitor USB port possibly though !

Thanks for any help.



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