libbonobo-activation replacement 5.1-RELEASE

libbonobo-activation replacement 5.1-RELEASE

Post by Scott Nigh » Mon, 12 Jan 2004 02:57:19

Hello All,


I ran into the error as mentioned in
"In Search Of:" on 01/01/04 10:40.

I have followed the instructions for portupgrade, including the -arR
option, as described here:
and I have been having the time of my life.

Now X11-toolkits/at-spi will not upgrade because devel/libbonobo will
not install. devel/libbonobo will not install because of an older
version of libbonobo that is still present on the system, named

/usr/ports/devel/libbonobo/ $ make deinstall
will not deinstall libbonobo-activation.

does not contain a make file that will allow deinstall-ation of

What can I do now?
Do I contact the maintainer and ask him to fix this?
Should I overwrite the older devel/libbonobo-activation with the newer
devel/libbonobo using the FORCE_PKG_REGISTER option in the make command?
Maybe there is something I could do to remove devel/libbonobo-activation
that I do not know about.

Thank you for your help,
-Scott Nightlinger