VPN using ppp+ssh question (ppp-2.3.5 does not support pty)

VPN using ppp+ssh question (ppp-2.3.5 does not support pty)

Post by hase » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 19:40:29

I have WinXX boxes at home behind my OpenBSD gateway to DSL.

I am trying to set up a "VPN" type connection from my work computer
(RH Linux) and from my laptop when I am on the road to my home

I was trying to use "VPN PPP−SSH Mini−HOWTO" by Scott
Bronson but on the OpenBSD side ppp (is version ppp−2.3.5 need
ppp−2.3.11) does not support "pty" option and pppd does not
support "notty" option.

Is there a way to get a newer version of ppp/pppd on OpenBSD 3.3?

Is there a better way to provide a sucure VPN using ssh?

Any help would be appreciated!!



VPN using ppp+ssh question (ppp-2.3.5 does not support pty)

Post by pakra » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 21:23:22


Did you try reading /etc/ppp/ppp.conf.sample?
With the usermode 'ppp' (instead of pppd)
See the 'loop-in' and 'sloop' stanzas.

Since you asked.
0) Unless it is part of your job to setup VPN connectivity, you'll probably
be in violation of your terms of employment. Have you considered using
the official VPN solution at your place of employment?
1) PPP over any TCP connection (including ssh) isn't neccesarily the
brightest idea.
2) Current versions of openssh can do dynamic port forwarding
ala SOCKS4 (See the -D <port> option)
3) If the corporate firewall passes UDP, consider trying OpenVPN.

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