determine boot device after boot

determine boot device after boot

Post by uwe.werle » Fri, 01 Jul 2005 22:12:24


is it possible to determine the boot device after the kernel has
loaded? i did'nt find any variable (with sysctl or an entry in logs)
which contains this information. i want to boot from any device like
floppy, cd etc. and the root will be a ramdisk. after boot i want to
read some additional files from the boot device. is there a way to get
this working?

thanks in advance!

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I did something to my laptop and everytime I start up my laptop this
message pops up.
Ive tried everything when I go into my laptop bios and go to boot order
and tell it to boot from my hard drive/c drive first but nothing can I exit this and just start to use my computer regularly
I recently Downloaded ubuntu and burned it to a cd, I put it inside my
laptop and I am able to use my laptop now on a trial version, I am using
it right now to write this question, but when I take out this ubuntu cd
it says "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in
selected boot device"
I am a Windows xp user, and my asus also has express gate whatever that
is, but its not working now either.
I dont know what to do, and I also want all My information that I had
previously on my windows xp, or is everything gone permanently and
should I just restart and install ubuntu with all memory lost?

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