what is host and target in configure used for and is there any rule for them?

what is host and target in configure used for and is there any rule for them?

Post by milood » Tue, 23 Jun 2009 22:58:50

Dear all:
When I cross-compile kernel, I know I have to add
"CROSS_COMPILE=xxx-", where xxx is the name of my cross toolchain
without gcc, like arm-linux- or mipsel-, etc.

But what is the rule of "target" and "host" while I type configure?
Do they play the same role as cross-compile kernel?
(the prefix name of cross-compiler)

Is there any document or source code I can check it?
appreciate your help,

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Hi all,

Hope you can help.

I have a date field (B1) and am trying to concatenate this into a
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IE My worksheets are named open"date of report".xls
B1 contains "date of report"
I have tried concatenating the worksheet name in a field and then
using that field.
I have tried cocatenating the directory path in a field and using that
My last attempt at a formula is


Date is 110903, worksheet name is open110903.xls.

If I manually type it in as below the formaula works dream.


Any assistance or direction pointing would be greatly appreciated.
I hope I have provided enough info.

Cheers Jason

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